10 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Spike Up Your Business Growth in 2019

Friday, March 8, 2019  |

Social Media Marketing

The social media landscape is changing rapidly. Therefore, you should update yourself with the latest trends regularly. Otherwise, your social media marketing strategies are likely to suffer. Time has come when you should revise your strategy. Take a closer look at 2019 social media marketing trends to find out how you can strengthen yours.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Strategies

Visual-First Replacing Text-First Approach

2019 will see more visual texts than ever before. So, focus on creating live videos. Videos are going to dominate the social media more than the last year. Marcus Sheridan, the digital marketing expert, says that people will see 80% of video content by the end of 2019. If you want to make your audience hear your voice continuously, you should switch your attention from text-first approach to visual-first approach.

Facebook Messenger and Chatbots

Do you use Facebook Messenger? A new way of doing email marketing is involving Messenger marketing. Smart brands are tapping its potentiality to connect with their existing and prospective customers. Similarly, Chatbots ensure a personalized service. They enable the customers to get answers for their queries quickly. If you’re not using it, implement it in your website to give enhanced customer services.

Live Video

This is another evolving social media marketing trend. Whether you’re using YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, live streaming video is ruling everywhere. Create live videos to encourage your audience to interact with you instantly.

Tell Stories and Don’t Just Sell

Include it in your social media marketing strategies. Create stories around your brand to make your audience more familiar with it. Your stories will enable your audience to relate themselves with it. Such responses will compel the audience to click on the buttons you want them to. In comparison to shameless self-promotion content, these kinds of stories seem to evoke emotional responses from audiences.

Online Reviews

Today, people consider online reviews before buying something. Every brand wants to get positive reviews. The more you get positive reviews, the more credible will your brand become. Build strong relationship with your customers to get positive feedbacks from them.

Voice Search

Getting answers for your queries is only a matter of seconds now. Just type or ask Google and know the answer. The smart voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google help you to get the answer quickly through audio content. Many brands have already enabled voice search in their marketing plan. It helps them to create value-driven content for their readers.

Personalized Content

Your customers want to get customized services. They want to know their favorite brands closely. Write personalized content and create personalized ads. You’ll find how quickly your social media followers are growing. Moreover, it will impact your email marketing too.

Influencer Marketing

Haven’t tried it yet? Consider it now. It is a kind of word-of-mouth marketing. Connect with the influential leaders of your industry. Ask them to convey the message of your brand. Influencer marketing enables you to reach a wider audience. It also increases credibility of your brand. So, don’t skip to include it in your social media marketing strategies.

Create Ephemeral Content

Engage your audience quickly with ephemeral content. You’ve surely seen Instagram, Facebook, and SnapChat stories. They disappear automatically after 24hours. These are real-time content. As a result, you’ll get more opportunity to show your real self by creating such content. This, in turn, will make your audience start to follow you.

Visual Search

This is an evolving search engine that is build to enhance user experience. From the name it is clear that this search deals with images. Here, simply upload an image and hit the search button. You’ll get more specific results within a few seconds.

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Framing strong social media marketing strategies isn’t easy. It needs effort and time-investment. If you’re looking for any reliable and customized social media marketing services, reach our experts by clicking on

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