Iconography in Digital Design: 8 Tips Every Graphic Designer Should Follow

Wednesday, July 17, 2019  |

Graphic Design

Sometimes, you may need to design icons. It’s not always possible to upload icons directly from other sources. Maybe, hiring a graphic designer is time-consuming. So, what’s the solution?

A graphic designer should possess skills in icon designing. However, icon designing not necessarily requires illustration skills. Rather, following the tips discussed below alone can work.

Tips to Design Icons Perfectly

  1. Pick Your Style: Choose your style and stick to it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re choosing monochrome or glyph. Just make sure you’re following same style for all icons of the website. As such, you can create a visual harmony among them.
  2. Use Easy-to-Understand Metaphors: Experienced graphic designer uses icons their users can easily understand. The users are needed to be familiar with it. As for instance, use the icon ‘envelope’ for mail instead of a ‘pigeon’.
  3. Design Icons Using Grids: The sizes and proportions of all icons in the group should be same. Always use grid to achieve this exactness. It’s best to place the grids in an imaginary square. If you find it difficult, place the icons in a circle or square border. However, you can balance the overall composition by adding more details to each of the icons.
  4. Same Line Thickness: The thickness of the icon line or lines can be same or different. As for instance, if you want to make the lines bold, go for 2px. line. Similarly, if you intend to create little lines, choose 1px. Regardless of the measurement you select, the icons in the set follow the same rule.
  5. Rounded Edges: Suppose one of your icons has 2px rounded edge. Make it certain that all icons have the edges of same type and measurement. In this way, you can maintain harmony among them. Furthermore, it will establish a unity in design.
  6. Consider How to Detail: Detailing of the icons depend heavily on their sizes. The bigger the size of icon is, the more is the detailing. This detailing helps you to prevent your icon to appear as a stain. If you’re planning to design highly detailed icons, use thin lines to create them.
  7. Use Color Wisely: If your interface doesn’t need colorful icons, don’t waste time in coloring them. As for instance, the color of cancel icon should be different from check icon. It will enable your users to identify them and take their desired actions.
  8. Enhance with Features: Add more features to the icons to make the set look organized and harmonious. If you wish, you can use open lines to border your icons.

The Bottom Line

Explore different styles to make your icons look more original. Add color spots and so on. Improving your icon skills require time. In the meantime, you can get help from companies offering graphic design services.

Complete Web Graphics is known for offering stunning visual graphics. Get their professional assistance and make your users easily acquaint with the icons.

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