Top Benefits of WordPress as a Website Building Platform

Wednesday, June 22, 2016  |

Website Building Platform

Are you planning to build your Website? There are multiple options available which you can use. Either you can use coding languages like PHP, HTML etc. or you can use Content Management System as a website building platform to build your website. WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management System available now. WordPress has been an extremely popular platform for building Websites. Through this blog we would try to make you aware about the benefits of WordPress as a Website Building Platform.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an Open Source online Content Management System (CMS). Since it is an Open source Project there are hundreds of people working on it. WordPress was started in 2003 as blogging system. With a host of themes, plugins and widgets it has developed into a full scale Content Management System(CMS). The following are some of the top benefits of using WordPress .

Top Benefits of WordPress as a Website Building Platform

Word Press is very User friendly

WordPress is extremely easy to use. Since it has an intuitive interface, using WordPress becomes easy. Adding or modifying any content in the form of web pages, posts, images are very easy. So based on your requirement you could make the necessary changes as and when required.

WordPress helps you to manage your website from any computer

WordPress is an Open Source CMS. So all you need to gain access to your Website Control from any computer anywhere which has an internet connection. This feature of WordPress makes it very convenient for the user.

WordPress is Search Engine friendly

You would always want your website to feature on the top pages on the Search Engine Results. For this to happen it is necessary that your website is Search Engine Friendly. The codes used for building websites in case of WordPress are Search Engine friendly. This ensures higher ranking of the websites on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). As a user you could use many SEO Plugins available like “SEO Yoast” to make your website more SEO friendly. These Plugins would help you to optimize the content in terms of SEO. These would help you to bring in more web traffic into your web site and better business.

WordPress is very Cost Effective

One major benefit of WordPress is cost effectiveness. If you are not having a web designing background, you need to hire web designers and web developers to design the website for you and there after incorporate any changes which may be required thereafter. Owing to the flexibility and user friendliness of WordPress, you don’t need all these hectic procedures. Even if don’t have a tech background or any experience in building websites, you can easily build one using WordPress as a website building platform. As WordPress is an open Source CMS the source codes are readily available to all. They may be customized to suit one’s need. All this makes WordPress very Cost effective.

WordPress Themes are Mobile Friendly

With the rapidly growing use of smart phones and mobile based devices, you must have a mobile friendly website. Many of the WordPress themes make the website mobile responsive. You can develop your website on WordPress to make it Mobile responsive. With this you could tap into the tremendous potential of booming Mobile Internet traffic. This would bring in more web traffic into your Web site and thus ensure better business.

So with these immense benefits of WordPress, it has become very popular. It is now widely used for development of Websites worldwide. Complete Web Graphics is a leading Web Development Company in India. We provide WordPress development services. So in case you are looking to build your website using WordPress please visit us at

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Anil Raina
Anil Raina
6 years ago

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