5 Smart eCommerce SEO Tricks to Double Your Sales Fast

Thursday, November 15, 2018  |

Ecommerce SEO tricks

Oh! So finally you’ve thought to revise your eCommerce SEO strategies.

Outranking businesses like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart may be tough. But, if you follow the tricks discussed below, you can make huge profit from your eCommerce sales. Read on.

Research Your Keywords

You need to segment keyword search into 3 groups:

  • Keywords for Product Pages and Homepage: Look for less competitive yet industry-relevant keywords. Use Google Keyword Planner to get more keyword ideas and also to know where they rank.

As for instance, if you’re selling shoes, don’t search for keywords like ‘shoes’, ‘sports shoes’, as they will have high competition. Rather go for keywords like ‘evening shoes’ and so on. Peek into the table to know the competition status of various keywords and which one you should choose.

keyword research

On the contrary, if you run after keywords having high competition, you may not get good Google ranks.

  • Keywords for Blogs: Create blogs. Writing blogs will allow you to capitalize your eCommerce business with long-tail keywords. Now, what’re long-tail keywords? It’s a group of words people use to get info about their interested products or services.

For example, if you use the keyword ‘dress’ in a blog where you’ve written about party dress, you may find it almost impossible to rank your blog. When such is the situation, go for long-tail keywords.

Moz reported that long-tailed keywords account for the maximum searches on any given day.

monthly search

According to any reputed eCommerce service provider, Kolkata,though most entrepreneurs aim to get dominant ranks for their blogs in Google, yet it will be wise of you if you pick keywords that will boost your rank in other search engines too.

  • Staying Away from Keyword Cannibalization: When more than one page of your website focus to rank a particular keyword, keyword cannibalization occurs. Resultantly, Google gets confused about which page has the most relevant content for that specific keyword.

So, once you find it, how will you fix the issue?

Revise the structure of your website. To fix this problem, create a general topic for the main page. Then, include supporting pages having different subtopics.

Check whether your web pages have any duplicate title tag. Use tools like Screaming Frog to get a bird’s eye view of the meta tags.

On-Page SEO

Now, comes the optimization part. It is again divided into three categories.

  • Optimization of Meta Titles, Descriptions, and Heading tags: Many businesses use templates to create meta titles, descriptions, and heading tags for all of their products. But, this isn’t good. We’re not saying that you’ve to write meta titles and descriptions for every product individually. But, writing them manually for the products you want to rank is ideal. Use templated approach for the rest of the products.
  • URLs Optimization: URL slugs of eCommerce stores may look unclear. Just have a look at this one.

This is a page from displaying shoes.

product url

Don’t you think that the link is very long and confusing?

Majority of eCommerce development companies in Kolkata are of the opinion that a site with optimized URLs will look like:

Category Page:

Sub-category Page:

So on…

Make sure that your URLs are short and comprehensive. Instead of using other symbols like underscores, use hyphens to separate the words.

  • Use Schema Mark Up: Schema Mark up enables your traffic to know more about the product they are searching. Without a Schema, your snippet will look like:

search result

But, when you add Schema to it, it will look like this:

schema markup

Now, which one is better? Obviously, the latter. Including Schema rating is good for all kinds of websites.  It tells the audiences how much trustworthy the website is. When you add Schema, you can easily win over the trust of your customers and thus increase the sales.

Website Testing

After completing the on-page SEO, frame a website’s performance testing strategy. Use this strategy for:

  • Look at the analytics to evaluate which keywords is generating the highest conversion.
  • Conduct PPC campaigns to know which keywords you should add to your website to get optimum traffic.
  • Perform A/B test to test the content of your website and thus to increase rate of conversion.

Link Building

Link building may be tough for you. But, so it is for your rivals. That’s why, very few links get the #1 position.

Google penalizes sites with low quality links. Just by looking at a site, you can tell whether it has low quality links. A website with poor links will have irrelevant and bad content stuffed with keywords. Generally, sites that accept guest posts have low quality links.

Therefore, it will be better if you avoid content farming by posting or accepting guest posts. Try to establish good relationship with high authority sites so as to not to hurt your SEO.

Also, invest time to find out the sites that have high page rank and domain authority.

Content Marketing

Content marketing doesn’t bring sales directly. But, this step is important to boost the pages that matters most for your eCommerce store. In this way, it drives sales. To do content marketing successfully, practice the following:

  • Write Link-worthy Content: Quality always pays off. Write contents that are informative and engaging as well. When your content will generate huge traffic, you will start to get consideration from high authority sites.
  • Series of Posts: If you sell shoes, create a series of posts on that. You can choose topics like ‘How to Find the Best Shoe for Night Parties’, ‘How to Match Your Shoe with Your Dress’, and so on. Once you create a series of posts, pack them into a downloadable eBook.

Most of the eCommerce development service providers in Kolkata think that eBooks drive more interests among the audiences. Once your audience downloads the eBook, you can get their emails. Later, you can send sales emails to them for promoting your products.

The Final Words

Whenever you’re planning to revise your SEO strategy, you want to increase your sales through it. With the right SEO, you can enjoy huge traffic that will ultimately boost your sales. If you’re not confident in doing the SEO for your eCommerce store, feel free to get in touch with us by clicking on

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