Importance of Building the Right Product Page

Monday, July 4, 2016  |

Product Page

Digital Marketing is not just about driving web traffic into your website. The traffic brought in must be converted into sale. Often you may work hard to drive online traffic into your website and even the target product webpage. But the sale expected does not happen. If the sale does not happen your hard work would not bear fruit. You must therefore ensure that the web traffic gets converted into the desired sale. Having the right product page is therefore critical for the success of your web based business. In this blog we will try to make you aware of the points you need to keep in mind for this. It does not always mean that a good product webpage must have dazzling images or an excellent sales copy. You need to keep track of certain other points as well. These are as follows:

  • URL Structure of your Product Page

You need to work on the URL structure of your product webpage. When the potential customers search for your product webpage must in the URL of it, the name of the product they are looking for. This will avoid any confusion. You need to optimize the page URL with the name of the product, the brand for better understanding of your target audience.

  • Proper Product Title

Your page must have a proper title tag. You should aim that the same visible to the user. You must cater to the attention of the user more than an algorithm.

  • Choice of appropriate Key Words

It is true that in order for ensuring search engine friendliness keywords are important for higher rankings. But do not let this factor influence the title tag of your webpage. Choose key words that draw the attention of the visitor and gets converted into a sale.

  • Appropriate Images need to be used

You must put in high resolution images in your page. The use of bigger sized images would help to highlight the finer aspects of the product and serve as an attention grabber. You must have multiple images of the product from various angles. These would provide more details about your product and help it sell.

  • Product Videos can make a big difference

Videos are an excellent medium to communicate. The reason is because it is an audio and visual medium. So you could add videos to your product page. You could upload videos on YouTube and provide the link on your page.

  • Proper Product descriptions are the key to your sale

You must have well written product descriptions. These must grab the customer’s attention at once. Often web buyers are impulsive buyers. You need to take best advantage of this. Right product descriptions are a must for a good product page.

  • Effective use of reviews and Social Sharing

We need to provide buttons on the Product page for customers to reviews and social sharing. Many customers read the reviews before taking the final decision. These buttons need to be used judiciously. Good reviews help to build trust. This is important for any sale. Social Sharing on the other hand would help you to fetch higher rankings of your page on the Search Engine results.

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6 years ago

Hello! Cool post, amazing!!!

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