Why Responsive Web designing is so important in present scenario?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016  |

Responsive Web designing

Are you getting your website developed? If so you must ensure that it is responsive in nature. The internet is growing fast and big. With it we as internet users use various devices to access the internet. Gone are the days when we would be sitting in front of a desktop computer and use the internet. Today we have the internet on the move. We access the internet from multiple devices. It could be from the laptop, a smartphone or a tablet. The future seems to be even more dynamic. Studies reveal that by the 2020 the internet access devices used in the future would be very different from what we use now. The Computers, smartphones, laptops of today will comprise only 25 % of all internet devices then. Wearable devices like armbands are also slated to rule the internet world. So keeping this in view you need websites which are responsive to different types of devices. In this blog we explore why Responsive web designing is so important today.

What is Responsive web designing?

A responsive website is one which provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience. These ensure easy reading and navigation with a minimum of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling. This must happen across maximum devices used.

Main benefits of a responsive website

A responsive website is more Search Engine Friendly. One of the prime objectives of having a website for you is to ensure more business. This would only happen when your website ranks high on the searches made by your prospective customers on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Only if your website is search engine friendly then this will happen. A responsive website ensures better user experience for your customers. With superior user experience would always ensure that the search engine rates your website high and thus gives a higher ranking on the search engine result pages.

A responsive website ensures better user experience. A responsive website delivers a consistent performance irrespective of the devices used or the screen size. Thus this ensures a better and more consistent user experience. This means a lower bounce rate from your website. You could also have a higher conversion rate and thus more business. A better user experience would mean you would have repeated visits to your website.

With a Responsive Website ensures better performance across multiple devices. It is very evident that in the future different types of devices would be used to access the internet. With newer devices you could have a specific mobile site designed for a particular device and screen size. Thus managing different website thus would become more difficult. It would also lead to higher costs. Thus a responsive website means it could be managed easily and it costs less.

In conclusion we now know the importance of responsive web designing and why having a responsive website is very crucial for your success on the internet. If you are looking for website development then we at Complete Web Graphics can help you out. We have a team of competent website designers and developers to create and handle your website on the responsive format. For more information on the subject please visit our website.

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7 years ago

Nice information about responsive website design. Responsive website design is important for any business because it keep happy online visitors coming from different devices. Thanks for your helpful tips!

7 years ago

Your post is valuable , thanks for the info

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