Usability: The Code to Crack Web Designing

Friday, August 21, 2015  |

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There are aesthetic websites and there are usable ones. It is not to say that these two factors are mutually exclusive. They may overlap. For example, an aesthetic website may be user-friendly and vice versa. But, let me ask you something: do you want a website that just looks colorful and eye-catching or do you want a site that gets the job done for you? If these two sides of the coin were exclusive, any user would choose the latter. A website is virtually of no use unless it gets your job done.

Web designers, knowing this insistence of users on the usability of the website, take great pains to crack this code. It is all about making a website friendly to the user and easy to use. Look at the aspect of navigation. You do not want to develop a website that goes around in circles! That will waste precious time of the users and not serve any of your purpose as well. Keeping this in mind, the web designing services of Complete Web Graphics (CWG) ensure that your website is easy to use from all aspects. The navigation is easy to work around, for starters.

Another aspect of the website’s usability is the time it takes to upload on to the user’s computer or mobile device. Every user likes to watch defining, rich images. Does that mean that the user is willing to wait an additional 10 seconds for that image to upload? No! You need to provide the user quality images without compromising on the uploading time. There are so many competitors in the arena, vying for the attention of the user. An image heavy website is one that is a strict no-no. Optimized images, bringing them to the optimum size for best uploading time, are what you need. CWG takes care of that.

If you think that content and overall web designing has nothing to do with usability, think again! Take the example of a social media button. Where do you put it to make it most convenient for the user? That is a part of web designing. Similarly, content that is easy to read and understand is of greater preference than verbose prose. All of these factors combine to make the website usable or otherwise. The web designers at CWG have an international outlook when it comes to designing your website. The end result is always something that it at par with respected industry standards. After all, your website has a lot of say in the turnover of your company. We wouldn’t want to jeopardize that!

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