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Research, Planning, and Implementation are Three Pillars of Our Working Process

Great design is all about creating a website that aligns with an underlying strategy. It isn’t about integrating social media, it’s about focusing on wireframes, code and content management. Well designed websites offer much more than conviction. They engage visitors and give them unparallel experience by making the readers navigate easily and giving them the information they’re looking for.


Great Design

Great design is not just a solution. It is the elimination of the problem. We follow a structured web design process that can help you delivering successful websites faster and more efficiently. Our designers enhance the users’ experience by building up a visual identity of your brand. Once you approve our design, we go on to make it live.

Project Planning and Identification

Planning the project is the most critical step than the actual development. This stage is used to develop a project summary and a clear picture of your target audience. Sometimes clients and business owners have to pay special attention to give their consent to all key pages in the site. After having a clear picture of the project, all decisions are implemented to make the project successful.

Scope Re-defined

Once we get the project, we started assembling all the required data and resources from the client. It is only after getting the proper information, we can predict how much success you should expect to get from us. Accordingly, you can set a realistic expectation.

Wireframes and Sitemap

As you approve our plans, we proceed to create a wireframe regarding basic outline of the design. We conduct a series of tests to determine whether the outline is created rightly. These tests also enable us to know whether the designing elements are correctly positioned. Our team wireframes the workflow to see what has been done and what they have to do.

Content Creation

At this step, we fine tune your content by creating and optimizing it. A strict QA process is followed by us to carry out content creation and marketing jobs properly. We squash all the bugs that affect our journey. If it’s needed, we can also migrate your site’s content or blogs to other platforms.

Change is not an event, It’s a process. So, we always go on working on your project to give you constant returns.

Visual Design

After defining the blueprint of the site via sitemap creation and wireframes, next step is – creating a visual brand. We use moodboards, style tiles, and other advanced tools to give your brand a visual identity. Besides, content and site’s architecture are also well balanced by us as they are integral components of brand building process.

Site Development

Site Development

Our core tasks of site development includes building site structures, constructing templates, importing data, creating stories, publishing content, and many more. Approval of the design is followed by developing new content, creating videos, slideshows, podcasts, and other media that will appear in the site to build out its HTML and CSS.



Prior to making your project live, we test it again and again. We check whether we have missed to include any essential element and also make sure that your site is functioning properly across different devices. If any problem is found, it is solved immediately.



This is the big day when the site has been tested, reviewed and approved. But this is not the end. Web design is a process which requires constant maintenance. As design is all about finding the right balance between form and function, we run new content, features, analytics etc, once your site goes live.

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