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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of web traffic by creating a strong online presence of the said website and improving its rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). However, in trying to do so, many brands end up committing certain SEO

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If used wisely and effectively digital marketing can yield great benefits for your business. However, every business person usually commits certain mistakes when it comes to digital marketing. You may have done some of them too. However, you need not worry about it. We are going to discuss some

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The world has witnessed massive innovations in technology in the last few years. These include the growth of social robots, new trends of voice search and even automated or intelligent personal assistants. A heavy deployment of AI and chatbots has also been noticed. It is expected that 2020 is g

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The process of sending emails has been in practice as long as the existence of the internet. Besides, with the advancement of technology, it is changing its course accordingly. In the ever-changing digital marketing scenario, email marketing is still rage and it is expected to continue its growt

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Real social media followers are like food to your online business. Mind it, here we’re saying not just ‘followers’ but “real” followers. Your business will eventually die without them. It’s becoming a back-breaking job. The competitors are growing fast. Show your audience something

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Sometimes, you may need to design icons. It’s not always possible to upload icons directly from other sources. Maybe, hiring a graphic designer is time-consuming. So, what’s the solution? A graphic designer should possess skills in icon designing. However, icon designing not necessarily r

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WordPress is giving a tough competition to other website building platforms. If you’re planning to use WordPress to build advanced websites, this is the blog for you. Surely, you know WordPress has unlimited plugins. Among them, we’ll show you how you can make a dynamic website easily usin

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Social Media Day 2019 is going to be celebrated worldwide. Mashable launched Social Media Day on 30th June, 2010. It was then only a social media platform. Now, it has grown into a global and multi-platform media. Most of us use social media almost daily. So everyday can be a social media day

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Software testing myths are affecting the quality of the software for years. These myths are preventing the testers to test the developed software completely. Time has come when we should debunk them and know the realities. Today, we’ve listed 8 myths related to software testing that should be

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Are you not getting expected results from your Facebook ad campaign? Is spending huge money on Facebook ads making you frustrated? You’re not alone in this game. Many online entrepreneurs are investing a lot of their hard-earned money only with the hope that this time their Facebook ad c

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