5 Important Email Marketing Trends In 2020

Friday, February 7, 2020  |

Email marketing Trends 2020 | Digital Marketing Company Kolkata

The process of sending emails has been in practice as long as the existence of the internet. Besides, with the advancement of technology, it is changing its course accordingly. In the ever-changing digital marketing scenario, email marketing is still rage and it is expected to continue its growth in 2020. Let’s learn about the important email marketing trends of 2020.


The trends that are expected to be more prominent in terms of email marketing in 2020 are discussed in the following section.

User-generated content

One of the prominent email marketing trends that will be noticed in 2020 too is user-generated content. User-generated content or UGC represents the content created by the end-users of a product or service i.e. the customers. These contents can be either in the form of text or other multimedia formats such as images, audio, and videos. Studies showed that most of the customers place user reviews in high regard. Additionally, these reviews also influence potential buyers’ purchasing decisions as well. Owing to these reasons, businesses or brands encourage their consumers through their email marketing services to contribute content in the form of user reviews. This also helps in establishing the credibility of an organization. To make the most from the effort, it is important to determine the time and the methods for collecting such feedback.

User interactivity leading to user engagement

The increase in the number of mobile users implies that emails are being accessed more from mobile devices rather than the desktop or laptop. The brands and the businesses have realized that if their emails are not being optimized, there is a high chance that most of the users will end up deleting them. For this purpose, they plan to follow a multi-device responsive approach to stay updated. Previously, as a form of email marketing tricks, user-interactivity was developed for the entertainment of the email recipient. However, as one of the latest email marketing trends, this same method will be used to encourage user engagement.

The various interactive elements that are expected to rule the email marketing services are

  • Various call-to-action buttons
  • Surveys or polls that require users’ participation
  • Rollover effects that will display the products and services offered by the business
  • Interactive images or product/ services list managed by the users

Social media integration

As one of the email marketing trends, this trend will continue its prominence in 2020 as businesses are realizing the benefits of social media integration with email marketing. With the growing number of social media users, social media integration in email marketing can be an effective way to reach the target audience, connect with them and promote their brand without being direct about their sales approach. Brands can upload the list of their email subscribers to their social media profiles. In this way, they can have a face for each name. By following their subscribers, brands can collect further information such as their preferences and requirements. Additionally, creating quality content will also help in attracting new followers and generating quality leads. They can also invite their social media followers to subscribe to their email list and vice versa. In this way, they can have access to their growing audience on both platforms. As a result, if their social media business page gets affected by any bug or virus, they will have a backup in the form of their email list.


Accessibility features are making their way in the list of email marketing trends for 2020. One of the obstacles that prevent email marketers to reach their fullest potential is lack of accessibility among people with certain physical disabilities such as visual impairments. The introduction of assistive devices such as smart speakers is considered as a possible solution to this problem. Around 250 million smart speakers are expected to be installed by 2020 and as a result, email marketers are focusing on incorporating this type of accessibility feature in their design.

Apart from designing, there are other key features that marketers need to put equal attention. They are as follows

  • Content – As average adults spend only a few seconds in reading an email, it is advised to keep the length of the email content to 50 words. Besides, it is also suggested to use shorter sentences, avoid showing your vocabulary skills and make it concise.
  • Visualization – Using image templates can also improve the accessibility of emails. Additionally, the use of ideal font sizes, strong visual presence, high contrasting colors, and real text HTML can also improve the effectiveness of email marketing services.


The past decade has witnessed great development in terms of email automation. The next decade can utilize the email marketing process in a very different way. Marketing cloud services are equipped with more data and processing power enabling cross-channel optimization, and thereby leading to machine learning and automation dominating email marketing.

With the growth of these forms of email marketing trends, the marketer will find it easy to establish a performance benchmark. Automation will help in improving customization, performance, and accessibility. The report automation will lessen the burden of email marketers and reduce expenses, thereby improving ROI. An increase in marketing cloud services integration will improve the digital experience for both marketers as well as consumers.

Any digital marketing agency India can help you in formulating email marketing strategies for your business. Email marketing is expected to evolve and grow in the future. This improvement will prompt marketers to create more impact among their consumers through various means.

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