5 SEO Mistakes You Need To Stop Using In 2020

Wednesday, February 19, 2020  |

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of web traffic by creating a strong online presence of the said website and improving its rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). However, in trying to do so, many brands end up committing certain SEO mistakes. However, we are here to tell you what those SEO mistakes are so that you don’t repeat the same for your next project. You can also consult digital marketing agency Kolkata regarding the same.

SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020

The common SEO mistakes committed by many that you need to avoid in 2020 are discussed in the following section.

Using duplicate contents on the International websites

One of the common SEO mistakes that people commit while entering a new market is that they buy a new domain or create a subfolder of their website, add the same content there, change the GEO targeting in their search console and include a few ‘ahref’ language codes to target that specific region and language. However, one must note that Google’s algorithms are complex. Therefore, if you use the same content of your one top-level domain to another, Google cannot narrow down your specific target audience. Therefore, you need to produce unique and customized content for your target audience every time.

Additionally, you should not avoid using ‘search intent content’. You must remember that people use phrases and questions while searching for a topic and not just keywords. While considering this aspect you need to include long-tail keywords in the content, so that your website can reach your target audience easily.

Link Spamming

While it is important to build links for SEO of your website, another of the common SEO mistakes that many people tend to commit is acquiring too many or irrelevant links. As a result, this leads to a higher bounce rate and your website might appear like spam to users or search engines. To avoid this mistake you need to put on some effort to acquire links legitimately. You should also refrain from making link farms or making phony websites that link to your website.

The mobile and desktop version of your website is different

Another item in the list of SEO mistakes that one must avoid is creating different versions of a website for mobile and desktop users. With the increase in the number of mobile users, it is important that they too should enjoy the same user experience as desktop users. Often many brands end up developing two separate versions based on the type of devices used. With mobile-first indexing, Google will ensure that the mobile version of your website should adhere to all the guidelines made by it, otherwise your website will not rank in any version.

Additionally, to avoid any form of confusion both the version should appear the same. Apart from visuals, you also need to maintain the loading speed, accessibility, navigation the same for both versions. No matter whether users want to visit your website from a mobile device or desktop, they should enjoy the same experience. This further helps to build the credibility of your website.

Fake Product Reviews

One of the common SEO mistakes that you need to avoid in 2020 is creating fake product reviews. While it is illegal in some countries, Google is strictly against this. While we can understand that maybe you have received a negative review or a poor rating, for which you want to improve change the same by providing one fake review, we strongly suggest you to avoid doing the same. Rather, you must focus on why did you receive a negative review or a poor rating and work on that by including few changes in your services or products. Every business is evolving continuously based on the continuous changing of customer preferences and demands. You should also learn what changes you need to bring to become better.

Not optimizing images

Another of the common SEO mistakes that you should avoid is not forgetting to optimize images. All the important images existing on your website should have a suitable file name and an alternate text description that would help Google understand what the image is. Besides, users who use screen readers will also understand what the image is which further will help in providing greater user experience. However, you must also remember not to optimize every image on your website as it might cause over-optimization issues. Additionally, you can use different plugins to compress images file without compromising on the quality of images.

All these above-mentioned SEO mistakes are some of the most critical ones that you should avoid in this year 2020. Since agencies offering SEO services Kolkata, India are updated about the changing scenario in the field of SEO you can seek their guidance as well to avoid these mistakes.

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