6 Website Design Trends that you may Get to See in 2022

Friday, December 17, 2021  |

Website Design Trends

When it comes to website design, elements such as content, visual graphics, navigation, etc., are indispensable. However, every year we witness new trends concerning these elements making an appearance in the market. Some trends might stay for a few years, or we might get to notice an upgraded version of such trends in the following years. As a website designer or a brand, learning about these trends can help you keep your website updated by making small changes as required. This blog will share some of the exciting website trends that you may notice in 2022. However, be ready to be surprised as 2022 might blow our minds with many more exciting website design trends.

Website Design Trends for 2022

As we are stepping into the New Year, we are eagerly waiting to see what website designers have in store for us. Hiring a web design company is a smart choice for bringing life to your website ideas. However, since they are professionals and have expertise in their fields, they might offer you something more to make your website practical without compromising the aesthetics. The following are some of the website design trends that we are hopeful many brands will be interested in 2022.

More background video and animations

In 2022, we may witness more websites with animations and background videos. You may have also noticed websites that come with full-screen video stories, and this trend might continue in the next year as well. Such visual elements are crucial to engage your audience, and they further can help reduce bounce rates and encourage visitors to engage with your website.

For instance, you can add small animations that get activated when you move your cursor or scroll your web page. You might shift your mouse to a specific section of the page, and it may change its colour or cause the movement of an icon. Such visual effects effectively engage audiences visually and make the page appear tangible, something you can touch physically. Sometimes, animations are a powerful way to deliver your message, which otherwise could have been difficult using words only.


A very prominent website design trend you might notice in 2022 involves the use of soothing colours, clear call to action, vivid imagery, fewer words, etc. Instead of including every aspect on a single page, designs would be simple to encourage users to explore further. It would deliver messages to pique users’ curiosity instead of making them feel overwhelmed with excess information.

In addition, you are likely to see simpler lead generating and other contact forms on the website. They will contain fewer questions to engage more leads. Further, they are easier and effective to engage with mobile users as well.

Light and Dark Mode Toggle

It is another design element that website designers should include in their plans for 2022. Giving audiences the power to toggle between different modes improves user experience. Further, your website designs should have colour palettes for both light and dark modes. It will ensure that even if users shift from one mode to other, it will not affect the visibility. Users usually prefer mobile apps or websites that allow them much control, so this feature in websites can be a popular trend in 2022.

AI chatbots

Interacting with customers is a crucial aspect of every brand. Therefore, while developing and designing your business websites, ensure to include AI chatbots. If you notice, over the last few years, this trend has been quite effective in improving customer experiences.

These chatbots make customers feel as if they are talking to a human agent rather than a machine. One of the benefits of using these chatbots is that they can understand users’ intent. Further, they can also identify where the customers are on in their buyer’s journey. Accordingly, they can offer practical solutions to users to attract leads and encourage them down the sales funnel. In addition, installing these chatbots is cost-effective for brands.

Customization and accessibility

While designing websites, the focus has always been on mobile-first and website security. However, accessibility is another feature you need to include since the beginning of the designing process. Accessibility ensures that even your users with disabilities can find it easy to explore and engage with your website.

Further, many websites are integrating theme and font customizations. The reason behind the same can be varied, accessibility being at the top of it. Nowadays, you will see more websites supporting operating system features such as dark mode to ensure using them doesn’t hurt your eyes, especially if you are browsing at night.

Moving texts

Animations have always been a significant aspect of website designs. However, its use was limited to UI elements, page transitions, illustrated graphics, etc. Designers are likely to bring a new trend in website design- moving text. Compared to usual animations, they are likely to be a fresh and welcoming addition to website designs. You can even use them with simpler animations. Such moving texts will be the highlight of your website without overwhelming your audiences or distracting them with extravagant animated objects.


All these website design trends come with certain benefits, and hence, you are likely to see brands implementing them on their websites. In addition, you may notice a wide range of trends in typographies, designs, scrolling experience, etc., making an appearance. It all depends on the industry in which the brand is operating, the products and services they are offering and their audience types. Not every new trend that appears is meant for every kind of business or audience.

When designing websites, if you include various design elements, it shows that you are aware of the diverse nature of your audience and are considerate of their needs and desires. Websites that expresses their sensitive sides often stands out in their audience’s mind.

Complete Web Graphics is a digital marketing agency that offers you a wide range of digital marketing solutions. As a graphic designing company in India, we help design customized websites for our clients. Feel free to share your website designing requirements with us; we would be happy to assist you.

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