5 Advantages of Adopting Content-First Approach While Redesigning Your Website

Thursday, September 6, 2018  |

Content first approach

How many times you have thought ‘Content-first’ or ‘Web designing-first’? To most of the companies, Design is first. As such, the websites suffer.

Content is the base of designing. Your website tells its story through the content. It decides the layout and flow of the website. Without structuring your content, proceeding to designing only will mess up the website. In this blog, we’ll point out how a content-first design can help you.

Advantages of Content-first Design

  • Creates Guidelines: Your content will shape the website’s design. Any good Website development company in Kolkata knows that content works like an engine. Website having disorganized content is like a bad book. Follow the story of the content to get a well-designed website. When you design considering the content, you don’t have to redesign it in the near future to accommodate content.
  • Gives Consistency: When you design different categories of the same page in your website individually, your website will look inconsistent. The design needs to be readjusted, the content breaks, and so on. Content and design complement each other. And interweaving it nicely is crucial. For this interweaving, content-first approach is a must.
  • Increases Productivity: You should avoid design-first approach also because it leads to conflict between the content writer and the designer. When you give first preference to design, the write-up is restricted. Your content writer cannot write freely. It, in turn, affects the productivity. On the contrary, content-first approach enables your team to co-operate logically while working on your website.
  • Boosts Profit Margin: According to the reputed WordPress development company Kolkata, most of the businesses fail to make profit just because of design-first approach. Your client may find that the design isn’t in compliance with the content. He may think that the design is not going with the message of the business and wants you to redesign it. In such situations, you can save huge time with a content-first approach.
  • Aligns the Process: If you’re not prioritizing web content, the design may not be up to the mark. However, the entire designing process becomes easy when you build your website around the content.

Advantages of Content-first Design

Bottom Line

Content is closely related to design and development. However, tackling them properly is significant to create a user-friendly and appealing website. Content-first approach can give you a logically designed website. Thus, you can enjoy all the advantages a good website design has.

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