Digital Marketing Trends you should focus on in 2021

Thursday, September 16, 2021  |

Digital Marketing Trends

As it goes with trends in other fields, digital marketing is no exception. Consumer behavior changes every day. As a result, marketers need to change their tactics accordingly to improve sales, profit and grow their businesses. It eventually leads to the popularity of new trends. Some of them lost with times, while others passed the test of times. Learning about the trends and their benefits would help you determine which one would benefit your business. You can always rely on a digital marketing agency to involve the new trends and older ones while developing business marketing strategies. This blog will discuss some old and new digital marketing trends that businesses should focus on in 2021.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

The following are some of the crucial digital marketing trends for businesses in 2021.

In-email purchases

Email marketing is a preferred choice of marketing for various businesses. However, it usually involves sharing links to product pages, landing pages, or blog posts. Experts suggest that future email marketing campaigns will allow subscribers to purchase without the need to leave their inboxes. In addition, these campaigns will offer an app-like experience to the users by including embedded videos and other interactive features.

E-commerce businesses rely on email marketing to recommend products based on their activity on the website. Thus, it further helps improving sales. Additionally, they also use emails to receive customer feedback and reviews. Therefore, this digital marketing trend will become more and more popular in the future.

Progressive web apps (PWAs)

It is one of the new digital marketing trends that started around 2018. Well-known brands that have used PWAs experienced an increase in their conversion rates.

We all know how a mobile responsive website can provide a better user experience. However, in this regard, it is also helpful to remember that the reliability of a web app depends on your network connection. If your network is slow, it will cause even the PWAs to function or load slowly. On the other hand, with a strong network connection, PWAs will perform better and keep users engaged with efficient and faster responses.

Usually, to use a traditional mobile app, users need to visit the app store, search for the apps they need, and download the same. For PWAs, the process is comparatively simpler. You need to search the business on search engines, and it would drive you to their website. It would prevent the users feel clueless or lost in the app store. The website launched into a PWA immediately, and you need not wait or download the same. As a result, you need not worry about extra data consumption involved in downloading apps.

When you open the PWA on your mobile devices, its appearance would be similar to a mobile app.  So navigating or using a PWA will not be a trouble. The browsers would also allow you to save PWA on the home screen, providing easy access to the same. In short, you can enjoy all the benefits of a mobile app in a PWA without going through the trouble of installing or downloading it to your device.

Voice Search

Another popular digital marketing trend that is becoming popular for quite some time is voice searches. For text-based searches, users need to check the links listed on SERPs for answers. On the other hand, voice searches provide answers to the users without them needing to scroll through options displayed on the screen. Understanding how voice search works, content writers in Kolkata can help to optimize your web content to secure rankings among the top five results on SERPs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For brands to target relevant audiences and promote their offering to them properly, they need to understand the preferences and interests of their audiences. Marketers admitted that often segmenting users can become difficult.

AI helps to analyze the behavioral and demographic data of your audiences efficiently. It can consider user’s demographic information, browsing history, online purchases, etc., to help you understand your audience better. It further will help you present your products and services effectively to them when they are searching for the same. Using AI to develop marketing strategies can eventually help brands to improve their sales and conversion.


Brands use chatbots to develop better customer relationships to improve sales. Most of the digital marketers admitted that they are already using chatbots to deliver a better customer experience. Studies also revealed that brands using updated technologies to develop and execute their digital marketing strategies are likelier to gain more benefits than those who overlook its significance.

Conversational Marketing

Brands nowadays focus on promoting their business and offerings and give adequate attention to the concerns of their customer. It allows them to make efforts to resolve these concerns. This effort make the customers feel valued that further helps in developing a positive brand impression.

As mentioned earlier, chatbots allow brands to interact with a large number of audiences at the same time. It is cost-effective and helps to provide faster solutions to their customers. Sometimes, brands also ask customers to rate and review their interaction with the online assistant.

With more online conversations between customers and brands, the formers understand their needs, preferences, etc. As a result, it influences their purchasing decision. On the other hand, chat assistants also analyze their behavior to understand when to turn the conversation towards encouraging their customers to purchase.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing competes alongside organic and paid search and often beats them as one of the most effective ways to acquire customers. Many businesses also admitted that influencer marketing helped them to get more relevant customers. In this regard, it would be helpful to bear in mind that influencer marketing can be expensive if brands decide to collaborate with high-quality customers. Experts suggest that while choosing the appropriate influencer, ensure that they are relevant to your industry and have an engaging follower base. Sometimes, collaborating with Micro-influencers might benefit your business.

Many brands are already using some of the digital marketing trends mentioned above in their 2021 strategies, while others plan to implement them soon. As brands and marketers, you must observe consumer behavior to understand which digital experience they prefer the most. Accordingly, including the same in your strategies may help you beat your competitors. Complete Web Graphics is a digital marketing agency in Kolkata that offers you a wide range of digital marketing solutions. Feel free to reach out to us, and we would help develop strategies that would benefit your business in the long run.

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