Local SEO: What Benefits Can You Enjoy Doing It And Tricks to Do it Smartly

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Whether you’ve a family-owned business or are the CEO of a brand, local SEO is crucial to drive traffic. If your business has multiple branches, still considering it always helps.

But, to do that efficiently, you should know what it is. And, here’s the answer of your ‘What’.

Local SEO: An Overview

Online marketing done to get local customers is known as Local SEO. It considers the geographic location of the searchers to give you targeted results. If your company has a physical address, you can start doing it to get customers from your area.

Look at this snapshot to know how local SEO will help your customers to find you.




Now, comes the second question.

Why? Well, you check out the benefits.

Advantages of Local SEO

Some of the advantages of local SEO are:

  • Give Better Searching Option: Your users look for everything in internet before buying. Most of them try to find out the stores near them. To avail its benefit, make sure that your business ranks in the first pages of SERPs.
  • Boosts Exposure: Include your business profile in any online business directory. Choose business directories with high Domain Authority or DA. Create data-driven and dynamic profiles in the directories to grab the attention of your visitors.
  • Turn Searches into Purchase: According to a recent survey, approximately 78% of local searches (mostly done from mobiles) ultimately turn into offline purchases. If you find out when your audiences are looking for your offerings, making them your customers won’t be much tough for you.
  • Builds Trust: When your company’s name will appear in every relevant searches, your audience start to trust you more. In this way, you can build trust among your audience. It, in turn, will increase your brand awareness.
  • Ensures Immediate Results: Generally, it’s a time-sensitive search. People look for local products or services especially when they want to get it without delay. As such, you can expect to get quick results once your business occupies a dominant rank in the search engines.

You’ve to frame a strong strategy to avail the benefits of local SEO. So, how can you do it well? To help you out, we’ve shared some tricks.

Local SEO with Only One Location

If your company has no branch and only one address, Local SEO is specifically for you. You can increase your clientele base with proper on-page and off-page SEO tactics.

On-Page SEO Tips

How your customers are contacting you matters a lot. Update your NAP (name, address, and phone number) so that your audience can find you easily. Don’t forget to give your detailed address either in the header or in the footer section of the website. Include the state and city’s name while listing your name. It will help you to make your connection within the locality strong.

Include some social media sharing buttons. Also, link to the review sites you know. Make those linking buttons prominent. By doing so, you can boost your social media profiles and increase your exposure to a huge audience base.

Then, comes your ‘Contact Us’ page. Make it such that your traffic can easily access you. Along with NAP, mention the business hours. Besides, if you include Google Map, the audience can know your location exactly.

Off-Page SEO Tips

Off-page SEO determines your business’ visibility immensely. Check the consistency of URLs across different business directories. Immediately, fix the URL related issues you find. Also, make sure that you’ve updated the NAP info.

Update your social media profiles regularly. Pay attention to the keywords and include them in the blogs and articles. Interact not only with your followers and audience but also with influencers in your niche. Keep an eye on various review sites to monitor your company’s reputation.

Consider Google+. Create your profile there and open an account on Google My Business. Check whether the created pin on Google Map is pointing to your exact location.

Local SEO with Multiple Locations

If your company has many branches, practice these on-page and off-page SEO tricks.

On-Page SEO Tricks

Create different pages for each location. Include Google Local Map, NAP, business hours, and others in all the pages individually. Make sure you’re keeping this info only on those pages and not elsewhere. Otherwise, Google will get confused while indexing.

Have unique URLs for every location. Your URL should look like this. location

Use location-specific keywords in content of that specific page. Do the same for every page. Mention your company’s years of experience. Also, mention all the events taken place in your company. Or, you can also mention the events where your company has participated.

Off-Page SEO Tricks

Enlist your business in local online directories individually for each location. Link it back to the relevant subpages. Include keywords while writing your business listing for the directories. Make sure the NAP info is in accordance with the subpages of specific locations.

You’ve already created a social media profile for your business. Now, create individual profiles for every location. Include the links of these profiles to their location subpages.

Promote your local events, offers, and coupons. You can use local social media too for doing that.

Doing the local SEO rightly will definitely add value to your business. You can either do it yourself or hire us for the same. Our local SEO services are sure to bring results. Click on  to get in touch with our experts.

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