Most Popular WordPress Plugins you should use for Business Websites

Friday, October 8, 2021  |

WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a popular platform to create various types of websites as per your business requirements. It has tools that you can use to create a professional appearance. In addition, its in-built tools allow you to track the performance of your website. Further, you can install additional plugins to add new features to your website. This blog will share the details of some of the most popular WordPress plugins of 2021 that you can use on your business website. You can even consult a professional WordPress development company in Kolkata to select suitable plugins for your website.

10 WordPress plugins for websites

The following are the ten most popular WordPress plugins that help to incorporate added features into your website. Let learn more about their features.


The WordPress developers have created this all-in-one plugin that includes site backups, security, contact forms, etc. If you opt for the premium version, you will get access to several helpful advertising tools. Another key feature of this plugin is that it offers protection against brute force attacks. Besides, it includes various analytics and social sharing tools. You can use these tools effectively while developing your SEO strategies to improve your site’s search rankings. This plugin also allows you to secure your login and add two-factor authentication to your site.

Yoast SEO

This plugin helps you optimize key areas of your web pages and posts such as URLs, titles, metadata, etc. Additionally, you can analyze your pages and posts to identify the aspects that need further improvement. Besides, this plugin also allows you to control the web pages you want to display in Google SERPs.

Contact Form 7

You can use this plugin to add various types of contact forms to your website. Besides, you can also customize the same so that your users can provide you with the precise information that you need. Finally, this plugin allows you to include a reCAPTCHA solution on your forms to deal with spam.


It is the most popular plugin that allows businesses to set up their eCommerce store on their website. The developers, further, offer various helpful free and premium extensions to provide additional functionalities for your online store. It also offers multiple payment and shipping options. As a result, it can help to increase sales for your business.


It is very easy to set up and requires only a few minutes for installation and configuration. Additionally, it ensures the loading of images on your site only when visitors scroll down the page. Further, it reduces the weight of your CSS, JavaScript and HTML files. As a result, it improves your page loading time. Since this is a premium product, you would receive regular updates and great customer support.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup

This plugin allows you to set up automatic backups and store the same on a remote location such as Dropbox, Google Drive, email, etc. In addition, this plugin also eases the procedure of restoring your website from a backup. The base plan is available for free; however, it has a paid plan with added features and support.


If you want to provide your web visitors with a better in-site search experience, then this plugin would be an ideal choice for you. The reason is the in-built search tool of WordPress is not satisfactory to many. This plugin offers various advanced search features such as indexing post titles, descriptions, keywords, etc. In addition, it allows you to provide users with better search results by using keywords stem instead of exact matching of terms. Further, you can customize the ranking of the results using the weighting system of this plugin.

EWWW Image Optimizer

Too large or poorly optimized images can cause your website to slow down. It further affects user experience and might increase bounce rate. To avoid the same, you can use EWWW Image Optimizer to optimize existing and new images on your website. This plugin converts your images to the best file format automatically to improve performance. You can also opt for a cloud-based version that provides you with added security during the process. This plugin includes security features such as free 30-day image backups and SSL encryption.


Another popular plugin you should use for your website is Akismet. It comes pre-installed on many WordPress installations. This plugin filters spam comments so that visitors can engage with your content with no-repeat messages or irrelevant advertisements to bother with. Further, it allows you to review content that is marked as spam so that, if required, you can correct the plugin. This plugin is always improving, which means you are connected with a global and continuously updated database.


You can use this tool to connect your site easily and faster to the Google Analytics platform. It will provide you with a Google-specific dashboard in the WordPress admin panel to help you make more data driven decisions. In addition, it helps you track customers across various devices and platforms. Comparative to other link-tracking plugins, it will not slow down your website. Besides, this plugin offers easy integration with WooCommerce to track your sales.

Therefore, based on your requirements, you can determine which plugin(s) mentioned above will benefit your website the most. In this regard, you can even consult a WordPress development company in India. Their experienced WordPress developers can help you select the most appropriate plugins for your website.

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