5 Surefire Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Engagement Rate

Tuesday, May 7, 2019  |

Bounce Rate

Building a website is a time-consuming and painstaking job.

When you’re planning to build your website, you surely would like to get traffic.

Just getting traffic won’t help you unless they’re taking your desired actions. For that, they have to stay on your website for some time and perform some activities.

On the contrary, if your website’s traffic doesn’t stay for more than 5secs, the bounce rate will increase. And, you don’t want that, right?

To reduce your bounce rate, you need to imply certain easy things. Here’s the highlight.

Prioritize Value Proposition

First of all, ask yourself, ‘Why do people leave a website?’ Generally, they leave a website if it fails to resolve their needs efficiently. Clearly tell your audience through the website what your business is all about and how you can help them. If your visitors don’t get clear idea about your business, they’re likely to skip the website.

Explain your business to the audience in one line at the top of the landing page. Write it in a conversational tone so as to connect with your audience easily.

Write Engaging Copy

No one wants to read sales pitch. So, be a storyteller to keep user on website for a long time. Avoid wishy-washy headlines for your content. Also, make the content engaging by not using jargon-filled and long paragraphs.

Short and bold headlines will demonstrate clearly the purpose of the page. This is one of the effective ways to reduce your bounce rate. Make sure that the paragraphs are concise and contain no more than 4 sentences.

Plan the Structure

How you structure the web content to increase the engagement rate? Look at it from the perspective of a storyteller. Just like a story, create sections of beginning, middle, and end of your website.

As for instance, in

  • The Beginning: Give your offerings to meet the visitor’s needs.
  • The Middle: Describe the specifications of the procedure or the product.
  • The End: Try to convert the visitor into your customer.

This thinking will allow you to smartly structure the website. The sub pages under each of this section should explain why the prospect should buy from you and how it would help him or her.

Include CTA Buttons

CTAs are effective not only for decreasing your bounce rate but also for boosting the conversion rate.

Set goals for each of your website’s page. Accordingly, include the CTA buttons so as to achieve the goals. As for instance, you can ask the visitors to subscribe to the website and get the latest offers. Tailor the CTAs as per the pages’ purpose to drive your conversion rate.

Through CTAs, you can give the extra info your audience is looking for before taking an action on the website.

Focus on Technical Part

Make sure everything is fine behind the scenes. Check whether the visitors can navigate the website hassle-free. Test the loading page of your time. If it’s slow, you’re likely to lose your traffic. Also, make your site mobile-friendly to increase your brand’s visibility. A mobile-friendly site is also important for tapping huge audience.

The Final Words

The longer visitors stay on your website, the quicker you can build their trust. Practice the steps discussed above to bring down your bounce rate and to boost the conversion rate.

If you need any professional help, visit today.

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