Web Designing Points For Your Website Development

Monday, January 15, 2018  |

Web Designing Points

Web designing for an website is more important for conversions. Are you aware of the key Web designing elements your web must have? The growth in the internet has been explosive. Online shoppers are expected to grow to 40 million in 2016. This is against 20 million in 2014. 200 million Indians will access the internet in the next 3 Years. With so much happening in the internet, you must have your business on the world wide web. You must have the best designed web site to take on the cut throat competition. In this blog we have mentioned some important web designing points to consider for your web development.


The visitors visit your website with a specific objective. They might visit your website for finding some information. You must help your visitors to fulfill their purpose of visiting your website. It is unnecessary to add any design elements which do not have any functional purpose. So they must be avoided. Therefore keeping your website simple with more “Call To Action” features are important. You must give due attention to the colors used, graphics and Typefaces on your web site.

Easy Navigability:

Easy navigability of your website is another important element of your website. You have to keep that in the list of web designing points for your website. Both the web visitors as well as the Web Crawler must find it easy navigating through your website. You must have a simple web structure for your website to ensure easy navigation. Uses of breadcrumbs on all pages expect the “Home” page also would help in this. Inclusion of Search Boxes at the top of the web pages is another way to ensure easy navigation for your web site.

Consistency throughout the Website:

You must also ensure a consistency about the overall look and feel of the web site. This can be done by using universal color schemes throughout the website at the time of web development and have to keep at the top of the list of web designing points. The typeface, the background used must also the same. All the web pages of your website must have the same layout. With a consistent layout the visitors can easily understand the type of information they will find on each page.

You must avoid clutter on the website:

Excessive cluttering of the website may lead to a higher bounce rate from your website. Higher bounce rates have a negative impact on the evaluation of your website by search engines. You must therefore ensure a clutter free website for better search engine rankings. It would also mean better conversion rates.

Your website must be Mobile friendly:

With increasing evidence of the dominance of the mobile based devices like Smart phones, tablets, etc, you must ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Now most of the internet is accessed by mobile based devices. This means that you have mobile based initiatives to boost your business. This is what is being done by most popular travel portals. Thus you must also go a step further and have mobile apps with attractive features to engage most of your potential customers.

Your Web Site must be able to build trust:

Your website must be able to build trust with in your potential customers. A trust would mean a higher conversion rate. It would also ensure better loyalty towards your products. So always have specific strategies which build trust. These may be using original pictures, etc.

By considering the above web designing points you would have a website which would help you to grow your business. We at Complete Web Graphics could help you design and develop the best website for your business.

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web development company in hyderabad
web development company in hyderabad
6 years ago

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