Can Website Design Improve Conversion and Sales for your Business?

Wednesday, August 18, 2021  |

Irrespective of the nature of their business, every owner has one common goal – improving sales. Of course, your website plays a crucial role in driving traffic; however, a well-designed website can help business conversion. In this blog, we would share some web designing tips that would help to improve your sales.

You need to understand that the first impression that your visitors will have about your website will determine whether they will spend more time exploring other pages. Through small steps at various sales funnel stages, your website guides the visitors to become paid customers. You can even hire web designers to create customized websites as per your business requirements.

Ideal Web Designing Features to Improve Business Conversion

As per Google, approximately 40,000 searches occur every second. Therefore, you need to develop effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO strategies to improve your online visibility against relevant searches. The higher your website ranks on SERPs, the better your chances of driving more traffic, leads, and businesses. SEO experts believe that the following website designs can encourage visitors to spend more time exploring that can eventually help improve your website conversions.

  • Unique and visually appealing design
  • Clear site structure to reduce bounce rates
  • Mobile-responsive designs to improve search rankings
  • Excellent user experience to encourage visitors to explore the site further
  • Optimizing website for search engine and audience
  • Add high-quality images and optimize them as per relevance
  • Improving the website loading speed
  • Include footer for additional sections
  • Internal linking

You can consult an SEO Company in India to develop effective strategies to improve rankings and traffic for your website. In addition, SEO experts also advised that Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is crucial to improve sales along with the factors mentioned above. The reason is if your website drives higher web traffic through but minimal conversion, then all your efforts would become meaningless. CRO is the process of testing different website elements to improve leads, conversion, and sales.

Web Designing best Practices to Improve Conversion and Sales

Not every business conversion means a purchase. Instead, it is the action you want your visitors to take. For instance, in a B2B business model, a conversion might mean schedules an appointment with the service provider or request a quote for particular services. Based on the percentage of web visitors that convert, you can measure the conversion rate. It will help you determine how effective your SEO strategy to drive relevant traffic to your website is. The more focused your strategy is on improving conversion rate, the better results you can achieve in sales. Therefore, CRO in terms of web designs means designing a website that is more focused on improving conversion and sales.

Now, let’s discuss some of the best web designing practices you must follow to improve business conversion and sales. A professional web design company in India can help you in this regard. Feel free to share your requirements with them so that they can offer you the best solutions.

Clear call-to-action (CTA)

A call-to-action button encourages your visitors to take any action on your website as per your choice. It can be making a call, subscribing to newsletters, requesting a quote, etc. Therefore, ensure that your web designers create an attractive CTA button and position it strategically so that visitors can quickly notice them.

Add high-quality Visuals

As we have mentioned earlier, ensure that the images you include in your web pages are of high quality. Images play a critical role in keeping your audience engaged with your content. No one prefers to read long-form content without a break. You can share infographics or other images relevant to your website’s blogs and articles.

Similarly, unless you add high-quality product images for an eCommerce site, it will not create a good impression for your audience, and your website might lose its credibility.

Keep your Contact Forms Simple

While attempting to gather valuable information about your leads, it will discourage most of your audience if you create a lengthy contact form. Hence, you should keep your contact forms simple with fields for only necessary information.

Focus on Homepage

Professional web designers at a cheap website design company are aware that your homepage plays a crucial role in encouraging audiences to check other pages. The more engaging they found your home page, the more interested they would be in navigating other pages. Hence you should offer your value proposition clearly on your website homepage.

Make your Website Mobile-Responsive

You might be interested to know that about 16% of all web traffic is mobile users. Besides, if your web visitors encounter a poorly designed website for mobile devices, they are likely not to recommend your websites to others. Hence, if you fail to make your website mobile responsive, you are at the risk of losing out on potential businesses that may have come from mobile searches.

Faster Page Loading

Another web designing practice that you absolutely cannot ignore is the loading speed of your website. It is one factor on which SEO experts also advise you to focus. It might surprise you that approximately 47% of users expect a website loading time to be a maximum of two seconds. Any more than that, they are likely to leave your page without even visiting it. Eventually, it will affect your search ranking, traffic, leads, sales, etc. You can hire website maintenance services to maintain the faster loading speed for your website.

Use White Space

Sometimes, excess design on your website can overwhelm and distract your web visitors. Unfortunately, many businesses often do not realize it. As a result, they ask web designers to fill every corner of their website with visuals or textual content. You must understand that they are critical aspects of your web design. It helps your audience to stay focused on valuable information that further helps in improving conversion and sales. Hence, you must consider using white space for your website.

Include Trust Symbols

Trust symbols are different types of visual elements that help to gain the trust of your audience. It can be client testimonials, awards, brand partnerships, security badges, etc. When you hire custom website design services, ensure that your website should include all the social proofs that would help you establish your business’s credibility.

Regular A/B testing

Every business is different, and so should be their website design. The website design practices we mentioned earlier can help in improving conversion and sales. However, different versions of these practices might work for various websites. In this regard, you need to carry out A/B testing for every web designing element to determine which one works best for you.

Therefore, we believe that you can improve conversion and sales for your business by following these web designing practices. Consult a professional website design company in India to design your website as per your business requirements.

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