Is WordPress the right platform to build website?

Saturday, December 9, 2017  |

Build Website with WordPress

Planning to build website? You must know these tips and tricks. With the Internet boom, it becomes almost imperative to put your business on the internet. So you must have the right website to tap into this enormous business potential. However for developing your website you may a number of platforms which are available. As one of the Top Web Designing and Web Development Companies based in Kolkata, we have analyzed why wordpress may the best platform to build your website.

Though WordPress started out primarily as a blogging platform just a few years back, but over the years it has developed into a comprehensive Open Source Content Management System (CMS). The flexibility and user friendliness of wordpress has made it one of the most popular and widely used platforms to build website.

The following are some of the top reasons for popularity to build website :

  • WordPress is very flexible and user friendly– Right from setting up to managing your website, wordpress always is very flexible in nature. To build your website with wordpress you need not be any technical expert. All that is needed is an internet connection along with a web browser .The installation is a simple process which can be done by following a few simple steps. WordPress offers numerous themes and plug-ins, many of which are free. All these can easily be used to design your website. Thus even if you are a beginner setting up a wordpress based website is easy and simple.
  • WordPress is very cost effective– Often if you are not having a web designing background, you need to hire web designers and web developers to design the website for you and there after incorporate any changes which may be required thereafter. However WordPress is an open source CMS, which means that the source codes which are used to build the website are available to all and thus may be customized and modified as required. This unique flexibility feature ensures you can save on hefty fees which are charged and thus makes everything very cost effective.


  • Websites built on websites are more SEO friendly– Now when you have a professionally built website. the next thing you would always want your website to rank high on the Searches made on the Search Engines. More business opportunities are thus created if your website is more SEO friendly.  Through various SEO plug-ins available on wordpress like “SEO-Yoast”, you can make your website SEO friendly at all times.
  • WordPress Worldwide Community – With the growing popularity of WordPress being widely used as a platform for developing websites worldwide, a large community has developed. With this large community any help or support required in handling the website is always readily available, free of cost. Thus this makes all the reason why you may use wordpress as a platform to build your website.

WordPress themes are Mobile friendly– Research shows that Mobile devices like Smart Phones and tabs are gaining rapid popularity for accessing the internet; you must ensure that your website can be accessed through mobile devices. Many of the themes on WordPress support mobile responsiveness, which is the key to survival of your website in the long run. Thus while choosing the right wordpress theme, you must also ensure that it is Mobile Responsive to tap into the growing internet traffic.

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