How should you Improve your App Marketing Campaigns to Ensure their Success?

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App Marketing

Understanding the benefits of business apps, you must have put a lot of effort and invested time, manpower, and capital to develop mobile apps. You might also have considered specific market needs while designing these apps to earn profit from the same. You are not alone. Your competitors might have done the same. Therefore, developing app marketing strategies is not enough for your apps to survive and succeed in this competitive market. You need to be aware of the common app marketing mistakes that businesses commit to avoid the same. You can hire a professional mobile apps development company in Kolkata. Further, we will also share some smart app marketing strategies that would help to make your apps successful.

Common App Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Every day, businesses launch numerous mobile applications, each claiming to offer some great solutions to consumers. As a result, customers have plenty of app options to choose from when looking for answers to specific problems. However, if you want your app to survive and succeed in such a competitive market, you need more than just marketing strategies.

Businesses often ask the most common question when their app fails is ‘Where we went wrong?’

There is no single answer to this question. Hence, we have tried to highlight some of the possible reasons for this below.

Inadequate audience research

It is the first step that every business needs to perform while developing mobile apps. Often, companies fail to focus on the most critical aspects of audience research.

Lack of competitive analysis

You need to understand your competitors if you want your apps to succeed. For this reason, you need to conduct a thorough competitive analysis. Unfortunately, many businesses are clueless about the proper way to perform this.

Poor app ideas

Often mobile app developers focus on developing apps that they feel their consumers require instead of what they require. It can be one of the critical reasons why apps can fail. First, you need to ask yourself whether the app idea is unique, whether it is what your consumer needs, or whether it will solve any specific problem they are experiencing. Of course, everyone feels that their app idea is great. However, without insight into your consumers’ needs, you are likely to offer them an app that will not appeal to them.

Poor user interface (UI) or user experience (UX)

User interface and User Experience are key aspects of mobile apps as they help drive audiences and engage them. It is the first impression your consumer would have about your apps. The common UX factors responsible for the failure of your mobile app are

  • Slow loading time
  • Images with low resolution
  • Broken app navigation, sign up, or login feature
  • Inappropriate font size
  • Poor social media connectivity
  • Excess page scrolling
  • Clickable elements not working properly

Lack of adequate app testing

To ensure the success of your mobile apps, focusing on design and development is not enough. You need to test them thoroughly to ensure there is no bug. Often the reason many apps fail is that many businesses launch their apps without testing them repeatedly.

8 Mobile App Marketing Strategies for the Success of your Apps

Now that you are aware of the common mistakes app developers, marketers and businesses commit concerning mobile app development, you must avoid them. It would improve your chance of making your apps successful. Let us further discuss what marketing strategies you can adopt to ensure the success of your mobile apps.

Research your Audience

It would be best to have a clear idea about your audiences to effectively develop better apps and target them for marketing purposes. The things on which you should focus while researching your audience are –

  • Understanding your industry
  • Understanding the audience types interested in your mobile apps
  • Identifying your mobile app users demographics
  • Conduct a thorough market survey
  • Checking trends
  • Visit online communities to follow people’s discussions on the latest mobile apps

Understand Competitors

Along with identifying audiences, you need to understand your competitors as well. For this, first, you need to identify your competitors. Your competitors are mainly the apps similar to yours or share similar app ideas, companies that develop or have developed mobile apps similar to yours. Once you create the list of your competitors, you have to analyze them.

While analyzing them, check the following aspects

  • The functionalities of their apps
  • Do they have apps for Android and iOS versions?
  • Check their app downloads and reviews
  • The strength and flaws of their apps
  • Their marketing strategies

Having access to all this crucial information concerning your competitor’s apps is needed to develop more successful apps for your business.

Start Early

Usually, businesses develop app marketing strategies once they are available in the market. However, you can always start early. For instance, while your app is still in the development phase, you can start engaging with prospects on social media. In addition, you can conduct polls or surveys to have insights about their likes and interest when it comes to your app features.

As you get closer to the launching date, you can start showing trailers or other forms of short video advertising. The reason to do this is that it would help to pique your audiences’ curiosity and make them aware of your apps. In addition, it will further boost your future marketing efforts.

Create a list of Marketing Channels

Once you determine your marketing budget, it is time to create a list of channels to market your apps. This list may include bloggers, influencers, social media groups, etc. It will help you get as much media coverage as possible.

Optimize App Store Page

Another critical marketing strategy that you cannot overlook is optimizing your pages on the app store. It is estimated that approximately 50% of consumers that discover apps on Google Play Store or the iOS have done it while browsing the app store. Therefore, you should create and optimize your store page effectively. For instance, be selective while creating titles, use an appealing yet simple description, use an attractive icon, etc. Further, use screenshots of the benefits or crucial features of your apps. It will help convey the selling points to your potential buyer and help them make an informed purchasing decision.

Get Reviews

Review plays a significant role in helping your potential customers decide whether they should use the same. Despite appealing store page design, your prospects would like to know what others think of your apps. It is natural for consumers to thoroughly research your apps before deciding to download them. Hence, encourage your customers to leave feedback about your apps on your page.

Monitor Results

Even when your app is available in the market and running app marketing campaigns, it doesn’t mean that you no longer need to develop further strategies. Check how your consumers are using your apps, be attentive and responsive to their reviews, and address the bugs when being found. Most importantly, the attention you gave to your apps in the development phase, you need to continue that commitment even post-launch. Engaging with users and building a positive relationship with them would help your apps gain more recognition.

In addition, you should also monitor the performance of your strategies. If some of them help achieve more effective results than others, you need to put more effort into them.


You need to remember that your potential customers would still search hashtags and use search engines to gather as much information as possible concerning your apps. Therefore, you need to develop effective SEO strategies to ensure that people can easily access relevant information about your apps.

Therefore, avoiding mistakes and developing effective marketing strategies would improve the chance of your apps becoming successful. Complete Web Graphics is a professional mobile application development company in India. Our efficient mobile app developers can help in developing apps for your business as per your requirements.

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