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Understanding the benefits of business apps, you must have put a lot of effort and invested time, manpower, and capital to develop mobile apps. You might also have considered specific market needs while designing these apps to earn profit from the same. You are not alone. Your competitors might

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Wherever you turn your head, you’ll see people engaged with their android phones. Needless to say, its emergence has captivated a lot of people. As such, android developers are consistently trying to include more features in the same. But, a good android developer only can make a device vis

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To develop a mobile app engaging users isn’t a ‘walk in the park.’ Just implementation of great ideas may not work here. Rather it needs proven marketing strategies to drive engagement. An app with no user is considered as a bad app. You should look for ways to increase your app’s engage

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  Before starting about why Mobile Apps Development is important, let’s take a basic concept about it. Mobile Application Development is a process of software development for different kind of operating systems. The main purpose of it is - to generate business and entertainment. How Mobil

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Mobile apps are in vogue these days. So Mobile Apps Development has a huge demand. But are you sure you are not making any mistakes while developing Mobile App for Anroid platform ? Every business needs to have a mobile apps to engage users. You know how smartphones and tablets are even edging

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Is your website mobile optimized? If not then in the current scenario you must have one. Mobile Marketing is the future. Studies show that by the year 2020 most of the devices like desktops, laptops and other traditional ones will be replaced by mobile devices. The internet trends are shifting ver

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Do you have the Right Mobile Marketing Strategy in place? If not you must, because Mobile Marketing is the future. If still you have any doubts just consider the following Facts and figures of Mobile Marketing. Mobile Marketing Facts: Studies show that by the year 2020 all the internet devices

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Do you know about Mobile Wallets? Start ups based on Mobile Wallets, the likes of Paytm with over 20 Million active users are big and growing fast. Often you could come across offers like “Use Paytm wallet and get 5% additional discount on” or use Ola Money to get attractive di

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This blog is about the process involved in Development of Mobile Applications and some important points to remember: Smart Phones worldwide has totally revolutionized the way we communicate and live in the world today. Be it work, entertainment or life as a whole, Smart Phones and tabs have become

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With the advances in mobile technology, Mobile App development has become the focal point of IT Business. We have jotted top reasons for why you should invest in mobile application development. With more people getting inclined to smart phones and tablets, the smart phone industry has been growing

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