Tips to Avoid mistakes in Mobile Apps Development for Anroid

Thursday, October 5, 2017  |

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Mobile apps are in vogue these days. So Mobile Apps Development has a huge demand. But are you sure you are not making any mistakes while developing Mobile App for Anroid platform ? Every business needs to have a mobile apps to engage users. You know how smartphones and tablets are even edging out laptops from the competition! This prompts brands to develop mobile apps to catch on to these users.

The problem with this process is that mobile app development is a specialized job. Just another team of developers will not be able to deliver a quality app for your business. The team at Complete Web Graphics or CWG has compiled a list of mistakes that such teams are more likely to make. A quick look at some of them will help your brand steer clear of them.

The first point to remember is that mobile apps must not be packed with features. True, it is important to have enough to engage users. But if you pack in too much in that little app, your users are bound to feel it to be cluttered and congested. That is not a nice feeling for an app user.

Keep the app for services that you can offer on the go. For example, a list of offline stores or the products catalogue. Other information, like About Us or such features which users are unlikely to check on the fly can be saved exclusively for the website.

The second point to keep in mind is that you should not go all out at the very first step. In other words, stick to a single platform of mobile apps initially. You can develop it for Android, the most popular platform. Only if it works out well, shift to other platforms for iphones and Windows phones, even BlackBerry. Learn from the mistakes you find in the first platform you try and fix them for other versions.

Keep users of the mobile app at the pivot of your mobile app designing and development. An expert on our team at CWG says that the app is more for the users than the brand. That should be the line of thinking in terms of planning it out. Put the user at the core of your app. Think in their shoes. Find out through surveys or polls about their preferences. Stitch them up in the app. It will help you improve user experience and engagement.

Mobile apps can contribute to your brand only if they work for users. Otherwise, it is just another unsuccessful attempt to woo them! An app does not guarantee user engagement. You have to build it up.

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