How to Increase Your Real Social Media Followers

Friday, July 26, 2019  |

Social MediaReal social media followers are like food to your online business. Mind it, here we’re saying not just ‘followers’ but “real” followers.

Your business will eventually die without them.

It’s becoming a back-breaking job. The competitors are growing fast. Show your audience something fantastic to outperform your competitors. We’ve shared certain tips to help you out. So, are you ready to learn?

5 New Strategies to Boost (Real) Social Media Followers

Promote Your Social Media Profile

Firstly, know your owned channels. Owned channels are the ones you’ve full control. Some of its examples are: blog, website, and emails.

  • Promote Social Profile on Blogs: Before publishing your blog, place a social sharing button just beside the author’s name. Make sure the button is visible.

Generally, social sharing sites make it easy for bloggers embedding their content throughout the web. You can directly grab the embed codes and use them to increase your social shares. Moreover, it is an effective social media marketing strategy.

In fact, this is one of the most effective tips to increase real followers on social media.

  • Promote on Website: Your website is the main route to boost followers. So, turn your website into a promotion hub for social media. The header and footer of your website is the ideal place. Put your social media icons there to get noticed.
  • Promote in the Emails: Have you ever noticed email signature of any business emails? Oftentimes, brands embed their website or social media links in it. Many a time, they also use lifecycle emails to promote their social media accounts.

There are various ways to create effective CTA. One of them is to include links of your different social media profiles in the emails body. Or, you can give them a sample of what they’ll get by clicking on the link.

Now, check out the next.

Create Catchy Social Profile

People love to follow profiles that:

  • Have detailed ‘About Us’ description
  • Look genuine
  • Well-designed content feed. It can be your tweets or Instagram photos.

Apart from it, people prefer to follow profiles with huge real social media followers.

Leverage Hashtags’ Power Wherever Possible

Look for high-volume hashtags. Use tools like Hashtagify and Keyhole to determine which hashtags are popular on Twitter and Instagram.

If you’re choosing lower-volume hashtags, pick the ones that are more focused.

You can use maximum 30 hashtags for Instagram post and 10 for Instagram Stories.

Consider Instagram Stories

Just like hashtags, stories also increase your visibility.

You can reach people other than your followers through Instagram Stories. For that we need a strong Instagram hashtag strategy. They appear on the Explore tab of the platform. Additionally, use @ and geo-locations to give more exposure to your stories.

When a person will search on Instagram using your hashtag, he or she can see your story. Similarly, people from your used geo-locations will be able to see your content quickly.

Frame a Robust Engagement Strategy

Include interacting with your followers on a daily basis in your strategy. Actually, it is the quickest way to get more followers on social media. Or, you can try these steps:

  • Find and follow at least 10 hashtags relevant to your industry.
  • Choose top 9 posts from those 10 hashtags and comment on them.
  • Like and comment on them daily.

Wrap Up

Following the above-discussed tips will surely help. But, they’re not rocket-science. You’ll increase your real followers eventually, if you remain consistent.

However, if you don’t have enough time to spend on social media, consider hiring Complete Web Graphics. Visit to know how they can help you in the process.

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