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This blog is about the process involved in Development of Mobile Applications and some important points to remember: Smart Phones worldwide has totally revolutionized the way we communicate and live in the world today. Be it work, entertainment or life as a whole, Smart Phones and tabs have become

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Just a few months back, iPhones were not as affordable as they are today. It would be wrong to say that these phones were not popular. They were always a favourite across the globe. But in these last couple of years, their availability and affordability has shot up drastically for various reasons.

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Call the Windows phones dead at your own peril! Thanks to some innovations and eye-popping features, smartphones with Windows operating system are back in the hunt. True, it faded out to the competition from Android phones and people found these Windows devices a little cumbersome to use. Now that

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There are primarily three types of platforms working in the mobile device arena right now: Android, iOS and Windows. Among them,Android Mobile Apps is more commonly used than all the other platforms. From this very simple data, it is quite clear that brands make more sense to develop Android Mobi

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Mobile apps have hijacked the core of digital marketing as this year ends. At the start of this year, there were predictions that mobile apps will be a rage and those guesses were right on the bull’s eye. However, all is not right within the context of mobile app development. Being industry in

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With more startups and digital marketers taking the mobile apps route, there is a flood of apps out there! Most of them lie unused or underused for some time and ultimately die a slow death. To make it big as a mobile app development in this crowded and competitive segment, your app needs to be so

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The funny part about competition is that the moment you are aware of it buzzing around you, you feel you are at a little disadvantage. The sad part about is that the moment you start playing catch-up, you are never in the game! It is the unspoken rule of competitive arenas that you have to wrest t

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