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Graphic designing element is a method to create and combine words, symbols and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. Research shows that an image can convey much more than what words convey. The latest developments in graphic designing have been such that it has made on

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Digital Marketing is not just about driving web traffic into your website. The traffic brought in must be converted into sale. Often you may work hard to drive online traffic into your website and even the target product webpage. But the sale expected does not happen. If the sale does not happen y

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Are you getting your website developed? If so you must ensure that it is responsive in nature. The internet is growing fast and big. With it we as internet users use various devices to access the internet. Gone are the days when we would be sitting in front of a desktop computer and use the intern

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Are you planning to build your Website? There are multiple options available which you can use. Either you can use coding languages like PHP, HTML etc. or you can use Content Management System as a website building platform to build your website. WordPress is one of the most popular Content Manage

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Do you have the Right Mobile Marketing Strategy in place? If not you must, because Mobile Marketing is the future. If still you have any doubts just consider the following Facts and figures of Mobile Marketing. Mobile Marketing Facts: Studies show that by the year 2020 all the internet devices

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Do you know about Mobile Wallets? Start ups based on Mobile Wallets, the likes of Paytm with over 20 Million active users are big and growing fast. Often you could come across offers like “Use Paytm wallet and get 5% additional discount on” or use Ola Money to get attractive di

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Are you aware of Blog Section In Websites? With the Digital Revolution in India, the”Digital India “initiative, everyone wants to be on the internet. It has been estimated that Internet users in India is around 462 million, presently. Thus it is no doubt that the internet offers an immense

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Search Engine Optimization SEO is the phase probably we all have heard of. With the internet boom, every business wants to be on the internet. A study jointly done by Asocham and Grant Thorton estimates that online shoppers are likely to increase from 20 million in 2013 to 40 million. The study

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There are many confusions regarding the necessity of a Responsive Web Design. There are very few users of the internet who are limited to computers, be it desktops or laptops. In fact, there are very few of them who use only one device to connect with the internet. Most users browse online through

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Corporate websites are more of a challenge to the designer than the usual business to consumer variety. Of course, both have their own challenges but we at Complete Web Graphics pick the former because of several reasons. For one, these websites have to toe a very thin line between professional an

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